Navanjun Grewal
Navanjun Grewal

Dr. Navanjun Grewal is a Board Certified surgeon. He is the owner of the Beverly Hills-based cosmetic surgery facility, Rockstar Beauty. He has received numerous awards and honors for his work.

He is known for his rapid and meticulous work, which is unusual for a surgeon in his field. He is often referred to as a "rockstar" by his peers and clients due to his high-quality work and his self-assurance. However, for Navanjun, the name "Rockstar" refers to his business, which he says is how he wants his customers to feel once they are finished with his services.

Besides his specialized work, Dr. Grewal also enjoys interacting with his clients, who are some of the most prominent individuals in the world of elective surgery. One of his most significant experiences was when he performed a cleft lip operation on a 13-year- old girl during his first Operation Smile tour. He watched her transform immediately after the operation, and he realized that giving hope was very important to him.

Navanjun has always been a disciplined and dedicated individual, and he started his higher education right after graduating from his high school. He studied at Boston College in Massachusetts, where he earned his bachelor's of science degree. He also received the Golden Key award, which is given to those who finish their education with a high score.

After he graduated from medical school, Navanjun decided to continue his career in medicine by attending the Chicago Stritch School at the University of Chicago. He then earned his medical doctorate. He then started his internship and residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. After his residency, he went back to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for his next residency.

He has a wide range of certifications and licenses, and he is a member of several professional organizations, such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He also holds a California Medical license. In addition, he is a certified cardio vascular life support specialist.

Throughout his career, Navanjun has received numerous awards due to his excellent work in the field of reconstructive surgery. Some of these include the ASERF Travel Scholarship and a research grant. He was also named as a member of the international team of the medical technology company, Stryker.

In addition to being a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Grewal enjoys playing the viola and is an ardent fashion lover.

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Navanjun Grewal

Navanjun Grewal

Navanjun Grewal is a plastic surgeon located in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA.